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Billing & Insurance Policies

We are completely dedicated to providing the best possible care for you, and we want you to completely understand our financial policies. 

Payment of all charges are due at the time of service. All insurance co-payments and deductibles are due at the time of service and are collected at check-in. If we do not have a contracted arrangement ("out of network") with your insurance plan, we will gladly prepare and file your medical charges for you. This may mean that your insurance carrier may send the payment directly to you.

Your insurance company requires you to present your insurance card at each visit. If the insurance company that you designate is not correct, you will be responsible for the payment. If your plan provides an out-of-network option, you can provide payment in accordance with your policy. 

If we are your primary care physician, please make sure that our name or phone number appear on the card. If your insurance company has not yet been informed that we are your primary care physician, you may be financially responsible for the charges. If we do not participate with your insurance plan, you can still be seen by a provider in our office. Payment in full will be expected at time of service. 

Not all insurances cover all service your provider feels are necessary. Therefore, in the event that your insurance plan determines a service to be "not covered" you will be responsible for the service. Please review your policy before your appointment. If you have any questions regarding your coverage please contact your insurance carrier or your employer's human resources department. We will make every effort to make sure that the services we recommend are covered by your insurance policy. 

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